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Saucon Valley Middle School Robotics Club – 1st Place!

Event Date: March 8, 2019

Quadrant is very proud to be a key sponsor of the Saucon Valley Middle School Robotics Club that competed among 24 teams in the Greater Philadelphia SeaPerch Challenge held at Temple University on Friday, March 8th.   SeaPerch is an innovative underwater robotics challenge in which teachers and students work together to design and build an underwater remotely operated vehicle (ROV).  This ROV is used to participate in an underwater obstacle course and a challenge course to test its maneuverability and response.  The vehicle must be able to dive and ascend, as well as change directions at full or near-full speed.  Students also complete a live marketing-style presentation and submit a notebook documenting their research, work, and conclusions.

The team from Saucon Valley Middle School consisted of an all-female, eighth grade team:  Abigail Luftig, Teegan Lannon, Sonia Lloyd, Emily Chi and Katelyn Pequeno.  “Team Mishipeshu” (which translates to “underwater panther”) walked away with a First Place in Overall Competition as well as several other notable achievements:  Team Spirit Award – 1st Place, Team Presentation – 4th Place, Team Robot Design/Obstacle Course Completion – 2nd Place, Team Engineering Notebook – 4th Place.

The victory at the Greater Philadelphia SeaPerch Challenge earned “Team Mishipeshu” a berth in the International Competition to be held at the University of Maryland June 1st – 2nd.  They will be competing against a field of 150 teams from all over the globe.  We want to wish “Team Mishipeshu” good luck and great success!


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