Quadrant moves into Historic Home

June 29, 2017

Tuesday, June 27, 2017 by Dana Grubb Special to the Bethlehem Press in Local News

The investment by Quadrant Private Wealth in the historic property at 2 West Market Street has paid off handsomely. The structure, which was constructed in the 1840s by immigrant Ernst Lehman, has been renovated to allow Quadrant to relocate its offices from One West Broad Street.

According to earlier documentation about the site’s history, trombones manufactured for the Moravian Trombone Choir were once manufactured by Ernst Lehman and his son Bernard in the clapboard building behind the residence.

At an open house on June 4, area political leaders, neighbors, clients and friends were able to view the restoration and renovations for the first time and they came away impressed.

Visitors included three of the most recent inhabitants, Mary Schadt and two of her four children, John Schadt and Susan Glemser. Dr. Daniel Schadt (now deceased) had moved his family into the residence in 1976 and it was sold to Quadrant in 2014. “It’s lovely and a very tasteful update,” said John. “It’s fabulous and we are thrilled with it,” added Susan.

The update retained many of the historic features throughout the interior including hardwood flooring, light fixtures, stained glass windows, grand stairway and railings, and pocket closets. An interior wall in what used to be the master bedroom and bath suite was removed to create two offices. A modern fire escape has also been added to meet City codes.

Quadrant founding partner and chairman Herman Rij called the project a “learning experience.” “The Schadt’s maintained the property beautifully,” said Rij who noted that “there were many surprises which had not been taken into consideration at the project’s onset.” One of those was the interior walls being constructed of brick and the challenge that presented for running updated utility lines throughout the structure.

Exterior painting remains to be completed, a project that Rij says should be completed soon by Stirling Painting. In addition, the garage and New Street store fronts located on the property will also need attention in an additional phase of work.

Rij said that despite the challenges of completing the project, “Had we to do it all over again, we would gladly do so because we believe we have saved this building with historic roots for the community and (Bethlehem) Historic District.

Allied Building Corporation performed the construction and colorist Joyce Danko developed the interior painting scheme.

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