Family Office

Vision and Mission Development

The goal of Quadrant Family Office is to help a client develop a vision and a mission statement regarding what they want their wealth to provide for them, their family and their charitable interests.   Then we communicate with all of the client’s key advisors to unite collaborative efforts towards implementing that vision and mission.  We accomplish this through the following steps:

1. Evaluate Your Current Plan/Situation.

We gather all legal documents and financial information to get a better picture of a client’s current objectives.  This allows us to create a consolidated balance sheet of all assets.  Then an outside attorney (included in our costs) will prepare a legal summary of all documents.

2. Explore What You Want Your Situation To Look Like.

By developing a Family Vision and Mission Statement including a definition of risk tolerance, we establish a landscape against which to evaluate your current documents and investment strategies.

3. Develop A Forward Looking Family Estate and Financial Plan.

In this step of the process, we seek to minimize taxes, aid the client in retaining control of assets, and create safeguards to prevent the forced sale of assets.  We will also evaluate trustees and trust companies that will retain non-liquid assets, should there be such a need.

4. Quarterly Asset Review.

In our Quarterly Asset Review, we work in conjunction with a third party Chartered Financial Analyst.  We perform our evaluation of benchmarks, risk tolerance, and risk adjusted return while reviewing ownership and titling of our client’s accounts and portfolio.

5. Advisor Engagement.

We are available to meet with the client’s various advisors to ensure they understand their role in the context of your vision and mission statement and to collaborate on their adherence to these objectives.  Additionally, we identify and fill any gaps of your advisory team.  We prepare executive summaries of these advisory meetings in the context of the client’s overall plan and goals.  We strive to conduct at least one annual meeting of your complete advisory team at which all key advisors are in attendance.

Clients engaging Quadrant Family Office may or may not already be happy with their current advisors.  Either way, we partner with the client to ask the relevant questions, ensure that proper lines of communication are open among the various advisors, and evaluate investment performance in the proper context.   If a situation occurs in which a client is not satisfied with their current advisory services, we help fill that need.  This could be within the diverse resources of our own firm, or it may be with helping to identify an outside specialist for the necessary guidance.